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About Us



We aim to see communities thrive, businesses prosper, and cities transformed through our commitment to excellence and superior market knowledge in all areas of commercial real estate, hospitality and business operations.


Our vision comes to life through a relentless pursuit of prime commercial real estate, strategic partners, and an unrivaled ability to analyze the current market conditions while predicting future trends. We seek out investments with low volatility and high returns that will result in strong performance throughout the economic cycle.


Our hospitality brands and real estate developments speak for themselves. SK Ventures has several thriving hospitality properties across OKC and LA. We work to identify the right solutions to achieve our vision and strategic growth.
Our Company Values

We believe that to create a better tomorrow, we must remain relevant today. That's why we value taking our goals seriously, creating sustainable, long-term business plans; and an unmatchable integrity in every business deal we do.

Why Choose SKventures?

We’re committed to making investments successful. We believe our market knowledge exceeds that of our competitors, and our steadfast pursuit of visionary development and hospitality brands keep us relevant and ahead of the game. More, we’ll work harder than anyone in the business – we believe the grit and determination to grind in this market can make all the difference. To create tomorrow, you must be relevant today.