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Founder & CEO

Shyon Keoppel

Shyon Keoppel is a self-made entrepreneur, developer, and operator with a diverse portfolio and consistent success rate throughout his endeavors. Shyon founded his first company at 19-years-old and has executed projects in several market segments since. Shyon prides himself on maintaining a hands-on strategy with each project, providing a wealth of versatility and knowledge to everything he does. He is a firm believer in building bridges, never burning them. Keoppel values relationships over business, and partnerships over profits.

Shyon oversees multiple restaurants he conceptualized in various segments across the country; fusion restaurants, sports bars, lounges, dive-bars, and even a dancehall. But he doesn’t stop at restaurants. Shyon also owns and oversees several businesses, development projects, and a real estate management company for his and his partners’ assets. Still, he makes time to focus on his passion: expanding markets and venture capital investments, while mentoring future entrepreneurs who show promise and commitment in developing their visions.

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