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The Label is a newly established worldwide record label. The Label was founded in August 2019 by entrepreneur, real-estate developer and night life business owner, Shyon Keoppel, songwriter and manager Michael Grammy Gebrehiwot, artist Ebon Lurks.  An idea formed by Michael Grammy and Ebon Lurks as they maneuvered through the music industry chasing record labels for a record deal became the foundation for The Label.
While managing and developing Ebon’s sound there was constantly great feedback from label execs and A&R’s.  However, they would always suggest for Ebon Lurks to follow what was trendy musically. Never wanting to comprise and how luck would have it, Michael & Ebon were introduced to Shyon who was already looking to break into the music industry with his business savvy mindset and love for music.
With momentum already behind Ebon, The Label was created with the understanding that we are our own kind of Label. With todays technology and platforms we decided to move as our own independent label; the first single released from Ebon Lurks titled “Drip Different” aimed to be the next Quality Control, Cash Money, No Limit Records of the many other major independent labels that are here and have come before The Label.